Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


| 10am until 14.30pm

Copenhagen Copenhagen 1

Workshop Copenhagen

Thursday 7th November, Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, Snorresgade 22, 2300 København, Denmark


Cost: FREE.

No need to register for tickets, turn up on the day and enjoy the event. 


Available sessions *Updated Schedule*

10.00am – 11.30am : Workshop Session 1 (90 Mins)

11.30am – 13.00pm : Playtype – Font Foundry Session  (90 Mins)

13.00pm – 14.30pm : Workshop Session 2 (90 Mins)


What is Workshop?

Primarily aimed at students and young designers (but not limited to) WORKSHOP has been created to showcase different foiling techniques and the print processes associated with it.

Each session will have a formal introduction, with Matt or Paul Hornby (owners, directors of Foilco) and Conni Dreyer (owner, director of Dreyer Kliche) – who are also supporting the event(s).

Paul/Matt will give insight into who Foilco are and answering just some of the questions below. Each session is designed to introduce people to foiling processes that are normally kept behind closed doors and to highlight how accessible foiling can be;

– What different foiling techniques are there? – Foilco to run toner foiling, Dreyer hot foiling.

– What is Foil?

– Why use Foil?

– What are dies?

– What are make-readies?

– What is toner foiling?

– What equipment will we be using?

– Why would I use toner foil?

– What is hot foiling?

We will be talking about why it’s important to consider stamping foils in the early design and specification stages. How you can get the most of your creativity by using foils in graphics, packaging and everyday life!

Dreyer Kliche will be on hand to explain how their own services can be used in conjunction with our foils to create exquisite print productions. They will also be on hand to create some foil-blocked cards/prints.


What to expect

The session will be very relaxed but hands-on and as well as the educational pieces by both Foilco and Dreyer, attendees will be encouraged to have a play with the machinery and the different techniques to create their own unique creations or alternatively, choose one of the pre-illustrated/print sheets to trial.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to hot foil and also create their own unique art pieces.



Artwork can be brought along to the session but note that the design must be 2 colours only, preferably black and white. Once the images/artwork has been scanned, all the elements that are black in the artwork will be foiled (as this is what the toner printer replicates and it is the plasticise within the toner that pulls the foil off of the carrier, as it is fed through the laminator).


Guidance for artwork can be found below:

– Black and white imagery

– No gradients/fades but dot colouring is good.

– Multiple foils can be achieved by layering artwork

– Anything smaller than A4 is perfect. We print onto A4 sheets.

– Generally speaking, fine lines are achievable

We will bring all the equipment on the day for participants to create their own artwork if someone isn’t able to bring anything along with them to the session.



During the sessions, we use a Metallic Elephant blocking machine, Brother Toner printers, and Peak laminators.

Blocking machines require engineered ‘dies’ to create the imagery, whereas the toner foiling allows people to foil their handcrafted art and designs.

Using this technique, a participant will also be able to create packaging mock-ups, which is useful should you be deciding whether to proceed with a planned print run.



All the foil waste will be collected and recovered by Foilco and its specialist waste management company. As a ZeroFoil2Landfill company, we have taken huge strides to ensure our events are as environmentally friendly as possible.


Twitter: @Foilco

Instagram/Facebook: @foilcoltd