Jeju Island, Pohang Gyeongju Airport

Pohang City asked citizens traveling to the Seoul metropolitan area and Jeju Island for the holiday season on the 10th to actively use Pohang Gyeongju Airport, which was renamed last month.

Since March this year, Pohang Gyeongju Airport has been assigned a Jeju slot by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for one month due to saturation of Jeju Airport slots (time when airlines are assigned to leave and leave at a specific date and time) and adjustment of international flights by quarantine authorities (every one month). As a result, the airline was able to raise the reservation schedule for the Pohang-Jeju route up to one month.

This was applied equally to airports (Gunsan, Wonju, Yeosu, Pohang, etc.) that were newly launched to Jeju Island, and citizens have been inconvenienced by using alternative airports (Daegu, Gimhae, etc.).

The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province announced on the 21st that it will provide employment maintenance incentives to help small tourism companies in need of COVID-19 recover their damages early and ensure that tourism companies suffering from job losses can secure jobs stably.

The target of support is a tourism company registered and operated in Jeju Island as of December 31st last year.

There are workers who have signed a labor contract for more than six months and continue to maintain employment until the date of application for subsidies, and tourism businesses with small businesses or medium-sized businesses with sales of less than 5 billion won are eligible.

However, businesses that receive employment subsidies from the government and provincial governments and management stabilization subsidies for single-person tourism companies are excluded.

The amount of support is 1.2 million won for six months, 200,000 won per month, 1.2 million won for businesses with less than five employees, and 2.4 million won for businesses with more than five employees. If multiple businesses are operated, up to four businesses can be supported based on business license.

To receive support, you must apply twice, and you can apply for the first application from November 1st to 15th, and the second application from February 1st to 15th next year by visiting the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Tourism Association. 제주도 여행 코스

The employment maintenance incentives for small tourism companies will be paid by the end of the application month after confirming documents, and details can be found in the notice and announcement section of Jeju Island’s website. For applications and inquiries, contact the Jeju Tourism Association and the Jeju Tourism Policy Division.

Kim Ae-sook, director of Jeju Tourism Bureau, said, “We would like to help tourism companies in need by discovering and supporting employment maintenance incentives following the one-person tourism company’s management stabilization support fund to restore the people’s livelihood.”

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